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Honor In Hell Maria Violante

Honor In Hell

Maria Violante

Published March 22nd 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The sequel to the highly praised HUNTING THE FIVE and Book Two of the DE LA ROCA CHRONICLES.Can anyone be trusted?Betrayed by both Laufeyson and the Mademoiselle, and sent on a quest by an angel that might actually be her enemy, the demon mercenary De la Roca bolts into Hell with murder in her heart.Her simple mission for revenge quickly spirals out of control. Between the Consortium of power-hungry angels, the serpentine Oracle, a strangely absent God, and the knowledge that her mount just happens to be a man under a curse, just about everyone around her has a secret - and most of them are trying to get her killed.Unless, of course, she can kill them first.