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Return To Mariah:The Rise of the Moloch III

Return To Mariah:The Rise of the Moloch


Published September 10th 2012
Kindle Edition
292 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

John Forsyte and Hope Matthews are torn and tormented in a quirky love triangle.What makes this situation so precarious? This affair occurs in two different centuries and again involves her twin sister Faith. Moreover, Hope Matthews died in battle alongside the town’s Sheriff, Angela B. Solomon a year and a half ago?Returning to earth as mortals, Hope and Angela call for John to join them on a holy quest. Their mission is to save a mother and child hunted by disciples of the evil Moloch Clan!Our modern-day African Americans miraculously travel back in time to the year 1867 where they are suddenly dealing with newly emancipated Negroes and angry white southerners. Being falsely accused of murder, kidnapping and witchery, they find themselves on the run from the law. With the help of the faithful, they find sanctuary in the town’s church and prepare to stand against the law and fight the spiritual battle against the evil that stalks Mariah.Faith Matthews with the help of her eccentric family are chosen to stand against evil’s assault on humankind in present-day Mariah.Two spiritual battles will take place on this Christmas Eve simultaneously. One waged in the present-day and the other occurring during the year 1867. Evil returns twofold to Mariah and all will face challenges privately and together!The future of the world lies entirely in the hands of a chosen few and how faithfully they hold true onto their beliefs and commitments.Who could have imagined that being in love, a pair of basketball shoes and cowboy boots would bring about such great misfortune?